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Louis and I met in January 2009. After he spontaneously took me salsa dancing on our second date, I knew that there was a little more to this “engi-nerd” than meets the eye. We quickly fell into a rhythm of spending time together. After several months of “seeing where this goes” I realized that I had a boyfriend that I did not want to let go. Right from the start Louis and I began planning trips together: Belize, Cuba, trips to see our families in Washington and Georgia, Hong Kong. The more time we spent in unfamiliar territory together the more comfortable we got with each other. We've found that while we are seemingly very different, we actually share many of the same core beliefs and view the world and our experiences in the similar ways.

By January 2010, we had moved in together in Encinitas. After all the challenges I've been through in the last few years, Louis made me feel whole again. In fact, with him, I often am able to forget the struggles that breast cancer brought into my life. It wasn't long until we knew we were ready to be married. Louis took me to the beach for a picnic on a warm afternoon in September and after eating some homemade dinner and polishing off a bottle of wine, he scrambled behind me for his coat. When I turned to see what he was doing he was on one knee. "Alli, I love you a lot. Will you marry me?” he blurted out. Then -- according to him -- I grabbed the ring before saying anything. I do vaguely recall him saying “WELLL???” I guess I was too caught up in the moment to respond. I don't feel so bad though because it turns out he had a whole speech prepared, which he got too nervous to say. He got my “yes” several times over after I recovered from the shock, but I'm still waiting to hear that speech!

We were tempted to skip having a wedding and to just spend a quiet afternoon at the courthouse together (we were both a little impatient). But, in time we decided we didn't want to have regrets about not having a big wedding (and I wanted to wear a wedding dress!).

So the plan for Cabo was born. And after eight months of planning, our hard work paid off with the most perfect day I could have ever asked for.

Now, as we are home and settling into married life, we are also settling into the excitement of expecting our baby girl! – Due 9 months to the day from our wedding night.

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